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Journey of a Patriot

Chris Williams, from a conservative, middle-class family, graduates from medical school in 1970, at a time when his values are being attacked. His engagement breaks up because of this. He is sent to Vietnam as an Army doctor. One day his field hospital is attacked by the Viet Cong. Forced to defend his life and that of the patients and other medical workers, he picks up a gun from a fallen soldier and shoots to stop the attack. This action was seized upon by the liberal press and totally misrepresented back in the States. The Army pulled him off duty and sent him to Texas to disappear. He decides to take a job on night shift at a hospital in east LA, far from where he had his internship in St. Louis, hoping no one would recognize him from the papers. Hitch hiking there proved dangerous. Chris settled in as an ER doctor and found that he loved the variety and challenges. Eventually he is discovered and stalked while returning to his apartment by a quartet of young punks. To avoid publicity, he doesn’t report the incident to the police. Instead, he waits until one night he sees their van parked outside the hospital with four joints glowing in the dark. He phones the cops and they make the arrest for possession with intent to distribute. Out on bond, they attack. His ROTC training proves handy. He falls in love with a patient, and after he marries her, his wife secretly betrays him. He starts climbing the administration ladder at the hospital. Years later, when politics changed, the Army called him back to finish his stint of duty in West Germany. Upon his return, he discovers his wife in bed with her lover. Will he ever find true love?

A Mind Released

George Wycombe is an eleven year old boy in Regency England whose father abandons him after his mother and sister die. Fleeing the angry landlord, he walks mile after mile across southern England looking for a place to stay and work. Starving and exhausted, he finds a blacksmith in need of an apprentice to pump the bellows in a small village east of Mendip Hills. George’s offer to do it for room and board is accepted by Mr. Potter. After hours of heavy effort George is invited to join the family meal in the house where he meets Mrs. Potter and Alice, their daughter. The girl is about George’s age, but she was born with a disfigured mouth. She cannot speak. Other children taunt and harass her, and she often runs into the woods, going for miles sometimes, to escape this. George feels sorry for her and teaches her how to read and write so they can communicate. They grow close over the next few years as George learns the blacksmithing trade and becomes a journeyman. One evening Alice writes George about witnessing the murder of a wealthy man on the edge of an open mining pit in the Mendip Hills six years earlier. Unfortunately, the murderer saw her and is almost certainly looking for her. George marries Alice partly to protect her as a married woman is allowed to wear hat and (disfigurement concealing) veil outside the home. After two years pass, George foils a knife-wielding assassin attacking Alice in the family garden. Has a local person told the murderer about Alice? A tribe of gypsies camps near their village. George and Alice are curious and go to visit them. After all, what could go wrong?


Quadrille is a card game where partners can change during the game. John Brewer returns to the Great War to create his best novel yet of romance broken by the viciousness of WWI. Will and Tom have had each other’s backs from lower class London street brawls as teenagers to the Somme trenches of WWI. They lost their hearts to the same suffragette who prefers Tom. Will struggles with friendship or love. At a tram stop, his random act of chivalry opens a new friendship that could change his life. The sickle of war creates an opportunity for a change of partners.

Golden Mary: A Historical Romance Novel

There’s a bit of bad history between Master Henry Barrowby, a member of the Commons for Bedfordshire, and nobleman Lord Lavenham. Barrowby was once engaged to Mary Swanford, whose family’s land bordered his. But Lavenham stepped in and seduced Mary, leaving Barrowby heartbroken.

While helping Master Easterling, a wealthy London goldsmith, purchase church land seized by Henry Viii, Barrowby meets Easterling’s daughter, Mary. Ironically, Lavenham is now courting Mary Easterling, a beautiful blond and intelligent woman. Barrowby warns Mary of Lavenham’s past romantic dalliances and shenanigans.

While shopping in London, Barrowby is attacked and seriously injured by Lavenham’s minions. No longer safe in his current lodgings, the Easterling family hides Barrowby during his recovery. Mary and Barrowby become lovers and plan a wedding. But Lavenham is not to be deterred. His henchmen and hirelings lure Henry out for repeated attacks, abduction, and murder in this contest of wits over church lands and the love of Golden Mary.

Matthew Dobbs, Esquire

Matthew Dobbs is orphaned at age 4 and grows up in Norfolk, England, over 1899-1912. A highly intelligent, claustrophobic outsider, he enrolls at the University of London after meeting the elder daughter of a Baronet. They become engaged but World War I breaks out and she marries someone else. He graduates and enters the Army, does well as an infantry officer and captures a valise full of loot while on a mission. After the war, he meets the younger daughter, a nurse, marries her and with her help becomes headmaster of a public school.


Ballroom dancing frees Michael Renard from his insecurities in social and academic situations. He marries Alice, a pretty librarian searching for a better life. Their marriage is soon interrupted by the drums of World War I. Michael joins the Royal Artillery initially becoming a sergeant. Meanwhile, Alice is swept off her feet by a handsome debonair man pretending to be upper class, a toff. A promotion to officer permits Michael home leave. He discovers the situation and exposes the sham toff’s dirty secrets. What follows is a dance of death, on the battlefield and at Michael and Alice’s London cottage.

Millwood Village, LC

“In this sequel to Matthew Dobbs, Esquire, much to his dismay, Matthew finds himself once again in His Majesty’s service for WWII, running for a boat at Dunkirk. But it is a German torpedo boat! Later in El Alamein he learns of his beloved wife’s death in the Blitz. In anger he joins a suicide mission. Seriously wounded and heavily sedated, his mind wanders, filled with flashbacks of happier times with the family and their planned community project—Millwood Village. Once deemed fit, this valuable officer is sent “up the ladder” to keep him out of trouble. Promotion comes with perks like furloughs back to Millwood Village where he finds his sister-in-law newly widowed. The ice queen proves to have an inner fire for him.”

Good Man’S Croft

Born at the end of the nineteenth century, David Mendy comes from the upper Thames valley in England, a place haunted by memories and customs thousands of years old. These include the good mans croft, an untilled patch reserved for the lands spirit and rumored to have been the site of child sacrifice. Davids family legend also includes ties to stone ruins next to the local good mans croft. But as a lad, he is warned to stay away from the areathat it was to be left to the devil.

David later goes to medical school, where he meets and marries Maud Millen, a shopkeepers daughterand then the world descends into chaos as the Great War begins. While serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps in France, David suspects his wifes affections may be torn between him and Peter Landrum, heir to the land that includes the good mans croft and Davids nemesis since their school days.

But Landrum has another secret that he will kill to protect, and when David returns home, more than just his marriage is at stake. Evil has once again come to the good mans croft and though David may have survived the war to end all wars, its uncertain whether hell survive Landrum.

Pilgrim's Journey

Thomas Wyatt dreams of a future with his first love in Colonial Boston. She suggests he become a doctor. He wants to improve his standing with her wealthy parents, and for her he works his way from berry patch to the halls of Great Britains finest medical school. Just before he is to make the long voyage, he is shattered by her admission that her parents have arranged a marriage for her with a wealthy Tory merchants son. He regretfully leaves his family behind to secure some sort of future as a doctor.

After graduation, he settles into a joint practice in London and falls in love with an apothecarys daughter. As the Revolutionary War rages on, he is haunted by fear for his family and by a promise he made to his first love. He joins His Majestys army to return to the Colonies to find them and save them if he can or learn their fates.


Joe Stallings has woman trouble. Stacey, his pathologically controlling, unfaithful ex-wife, is stalking him. She wants revenge and is hurling threats. At the same time, hes trying to finish his PhD in applied genetics by analyzing an ancient skull, one of forty or fifty gleaned from a cave near Lovelock, Nevada.

Joe is determined to find out where the giant man came from and when he lived by researching the DNA. He joins forces with Penny Echeverria, assistant director of the Winnemucca Museum, to determine the ethnicity. As they work together, they fall in love. However, Penny harbors a terrible secret from her past that threatens their bond.

With just two goals in mindearning his PhD and settling down and starting his own familyJoe journeys through lifes challenges and joys. He gets involved with his boss, Hope, at his day job; shes in a bad relationship with her boyfriend. In addition, Joe must fend off an attacker intent on killing him.

Badger's Town

Mike (“The Badger”) Brockton graduates from high school as valedictorian, engaged, with a full scholarship to college. Then his life falls apart: his parents die and he is drafted into the Viet Nam War. Returning home injured, he is shocked to learn that his fiancée is marrying someone else. An Army buddy inadvertently entangles Mike with a drug-trafficking gang. Mike is set up for his buddy’s murder but narrowly escapes with some drug money. He becomes a doctor and returns to his home town to practice. Mike meets and marries Susan. An idyllic life beckons once more. But Susan has a family secret that ensnares Mike in a fight for his life and his family.

Treasures Regained

Rutilated quartz is believed to be a healing stone. Jack Williamson returns to his rural southern home in need of healing after a bitter divorce and losing his job. He meets Sally Townes, the girl he loved in high school until her father seriously injured him. She is also divorced and broke. They make up and begin collecting and selling crystals and gemstones from the tailings of an old gold mine. This is in partnership with Sally’s Uncle Aaron, who owns the mine. But Uncle Aaron keeps the mine door locked; he seems secretive. What is he hiding?


Jim Franklin, a college instructor, has a run-in with a student after the student misses the final exam. This leads to an armed attack by the student’s father, a psychopath. Jim’s wife, a lawyer, seems unconcerned. A fellow lawyer, husband of Jim’s section secretary, who was also attacked, successfully defends the psychopath, putting him back on the street. This makes Jim and the secretary targets once more.

Rogue Lord

Steven Cosgrove’s uncle/guardian wants him to have an upper-class profession, such as the law. However, Steven must first continue his education in a London public school . There Steven is relentlessly bullied because of his origins and family, especially by another student, Lord Fallworth, and two followers. One of their attacks leaves Steven disfigured.He learns to box to defend himself and becomes a lawyer in Regency London. A woman he is courting decides to marry Lord Fallworth instead. Lord Fallworth’s mother hires Steven to allow her marriage settlement to go to Lord Fallworth’s half-sister. Lord Fallworth has heavy gaming debts and wants that money for himself. However, Steven and the half-sister are attracted to each other. How will Lord Fallworth react to that?

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